GI Surgery is undergoing an exciting evolution with the evolving MIS endoscopic treatment paradigm. Precision medicine and interventional oncology are exciting areas to follow in addition.

GI Surgery

We think GI surgery & Gastroenterology are very exciting areas with room for tremendous progress and improvement ahead of them in the near term.

Traditional laparoscopic surgery continues to improve and develop as does our understanding of what does and doesn’t work in bariatric surgery. Despite this, there is still much room for improvement in instrumentation, and in better diagnostics, especially in our understanding of gut microflora. Pill cam endoscopy and other technology variants may assist here in the near future.

There are timely developments approaching in reflux surgery, as the fuller effects of long term medication use are better understood. The endoscopy diagnostic platform is evolving into a significant therapy platform also, and endoscopy will be impacted significantly by machine learning / AI.

Gut microbiome is an evolving area, and there is much we don’t yet know about this dynamic environment, to which we are host. We anticipate considerable development to help understand microflora dynamics and the interplay with other interventions and our broader health. Interventional oncology continues to develop and combinations of immunotherapeutic drug therapy combined with site specific interventional approaches will probably grow in the GI cancer treatment paradigm.

Digitisation will affect all areas of GI / Gasteroentrology practice, from patient attraction and retention, AI/ML powered decision support software applications to broader themes around patient records and practice management. GI Surgery / gastroenterology is an exciting area that needs and appreciates technology innovation.

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