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Dentistry continues to evolve with exciting new products in restorative care, implant systems, tissue regeneration, and growing digitisation.


We love the field of dentistry and are deeply experienced in this area clinically, commercially and technologically.

There is a robust flow of investment capital into dental technology development for good reason; dentistry is a customer responsive profession, which values innovation and the contribution new technologies can bring, to better serve customer’s hopes and aspirations. This investment capital will continue to power a steady stream of new innovations.

We see huge opportunities for device development to solve current operative and restorative problems. Improvements in non-ionising diagnostics, imaging, treatment planning, genetic testing, microflora sampling, as well as computer assisted instrumentation, additive manufacturing and robotics are needed. We see more adhesive/minimally invasive dentistry expanding, along with more aggressive preventative strategies. Integrated dentistry appears likely to grow as the connections between oral health, and health in the rest of the body especially heart, brain and gut are further understood.

Digitisation will continue its relentless march, affecting everything in and out of the clinic. AI and Machine Learning will start to see traction as means to automate, digitise, and thus squeeze out cost, waste, duplication, & errors.

In addition, dentists are facing significant business model challenges with the rapid rise of direct to consumer (DTC) treatment provision models such as SmileDirectClub and it’s foray into orthodontics. In addition, expanding corporate dental chains are rising the bar in terms of marketing spend and digital media push to patients.

All of this is against a backdrop of rising customer experience expectations make for exciting times in the world of dentistry.

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