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We help clients thrive, by building better customer experiences, enabling digital transformation, and finding new sources of growth.

Customer Experience

Three forces are disrupting the customer expectations of businesses everywhere: Digitalisation, globalisation and the elevation of the Customer Experience to be a key differentiator.

This Customer Experience ‘expectation inflation’ is driven by the product design & service ease created by companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Apple. And it spills over into other non-tech areas, changing what customers expect of all businesses. These same Customer Experience expectations also affect internal customers so impact employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty.

In 2019, all organisations need a customer experience (CX) strategy to guide how they adapt to the future and compete effectively.


Digitalisation continues to impact all sectors of the economy. With the continuing rise of AI/machine learning, distributed ledger technology and robotics, the pace of change will continue accelerate. Ultimately many of the current tasks that can be fitted to a recognisable pattern, will by the crushing logic of superior economics, eventually be automated entirely.

In the near term, we don’t see this as necessarily displacing human input, as the new technologies will mostly automate monotonous repetitive tasks, freeing up people to do the things that computers are not good at: communication with humans, showing real empathy, making judgements, creating new solutions and value. In the medium to long term however, much more disruption seems likely.

Digital technologies also however, hold great opportunities for proactive organisations that can evolve with them, building much more personalisation and customisation, especially in the area of marketing and customer engagement. To seize this opportunity however, organisations need to develop a much admired and complex skill: the ambidextrous capacity to developing new products / services whilst at the same time continuing to execute and maintain current business lines.


Altocura helps client organisations to prosper and drive progress in an increasingly customer-centric world. Growth in the face of such challenges means developing deep insights about customers, employees and the jobs they are trying to do.

These insights are needed to power the ideation, generation, and prototyping of more customer-engaging services, and the development of new products. It also means developing an organisational culture which can flex and adapt to change and inspire employees to come on the journey towards business growth and evolution.

Without deeper insight into customer needs, frustrations and aspirations, new investments are often wasted, employees become disgruntled and competitors steal share by virtue of better understanding of, and connection with customers. The increasingly digitised, customer experience based world is standing still for no one.

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Our technology solutions are selected to better enable providers to grow and excel in their efforts to relieve pain, restore function and rebuild hope for their own customers.

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